RUDU 2013 E-Board (archive)

The 2013 Executive Board of the Rutgers University Debate Union

ANovak13Ashley Novak is the President of the Debate Union. A rising senior majoring in African, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian Languages and Literature (AMESALL), Novak joined RUDU in 2010. She finished last season as the 18th-ranked Speaker of the Year (SOTY), one of the highest-ranked women in the league. She broke twelve times in 2012-2013, including a RUDU-record 9th place finish at the National Championships with Chris Bergman. She also finished as fourth speaker at the 2013 North American Championships. Ashley will tell you more about her personal life than you would like to know. She is planning on being a professional translator after her time at Rutgers.

ABomeisl13Adam Bomeisl is the Vice President of the Debate Union. A rising senior majoring in History, Bomeisl joined the Union in 2010. He finished 16th TOTY last season with regular partner Russell Potter, breaking seven times that year and qualifying for Nationals. His tournament win at Vassar was RUDU’s first in two years. Adam has never ever been the slightest bit sarcastic. After graduating, he is looking to attend law school.

QMaingi13Quinn Maingi is the Treasurer of the Debate Union. A rising junior majoring in Economics, Maingi started debating for Rutgers in 2011. After winning 3rd Novice of the Year (NOTY) his first season, he broke nine times last year and qualified for Nationals, placing in the top twenty-five with Alex Jubb. He is only the second RUDU debater to both win a tournament and a top speaker award, the first to do both in the same season. Quinn can only see the top of your head. He is hoping to work for the Fed after Rutgers.

RMoon13Rachel Moon is the Public Relations Chair of the Debate Union. A rising junior in the School of Arts and Sciences, Moon joined RUDU in 2012. She competed in nearly every tournament last season, making several bubble rounds and nearly earning a spot to attend Nationals. A devoted foodie, all Rachel ever wanted was spaghetti. She is currently undecided on her career plans after college.

DJanardhan13Deepta Janardhan is the Novice Mentor of RUDU. A rising senior majoring in Economics and Political Science, Janardhan joined RUDU in 2011. She broke for the first time last season, having made several bubble rounds previously with regular partner Henry Phipps. She also served as the 2013 Tournament Director of the annual Rutgers Invitational.Much debate is ongoing within the club about whether or not she is lanky. Deepta is planning on attending law school after undergrad.

GMorrisetteGordon Morrisette is the Alumni Coordinator of the Debate Union. A rising fifth-year senior majoring in History and Political Science, Morrisette started debating for RUDU in 2009. After just missing top ten NOTY his first full year and taking a year abroad in Scotland the next year, he broke five times last season and fell just a half-point shy of qualifying for Nationals, though he still represented Rutgers there. Gordon will almost never be found either clean-shaven or with a full beard. He is still deciding his path after graduation.

The 2014 Event Director of the Rutgers University Debate Union

AJubbAlex Jubb is the Tournament Director of the 2014 Rutgers Invitational, to be held next February in New Brunswick. A rising senior majoring in Urban Planning and Public Policy, Jubb joined RUDU in 2011. She broke four times last season, making two final rounds and winning the Albany tournament with Quinn Maingi. She and Quinn also finished 23rd at the 2013 National Championships. Alex is the shortest Tournament Director in Rutgers history. She is undecided on her future after her studies at Rutgers.

The 2013 Coaching Staff of the Rutgers University Debate Union

SClayton13Storey Clayton is the Coach of the Debate Union. A graduate of Brandeis University in 2002, Clayton began coaching at Rutgers in 2009. During his APDA career, he won the North American Championship (2001), was the 2nd ranked speaker (2002), part of the 3rd Team at the National Championships (2001), 3rd ranked novice (1999), and part of the 5th ranked team (2000). Prior to coaching debate, he worked in non-profits in the Bay Area, including the Seneca Center for Children and Families and the Glide Foundation. Since his arrival at Rutgers, the team as a whole has gone from unranked in the prior eight years to 24th in 2010, 5th in 2011, 9th in 2012, and a record-high 3rd in 2013. Storey is currently coaching full-time and writing novels on the side, one of which was published in 2003 and two more of which have been completed in the last two years. He gets a haircut at least once every half-decade.

CBaia13Chris Baia is the Assistant Coach of the Debate Union. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University in 2008, Baia started coaching in 2012. During his APDA career, he was President of the league (2008), 2nd ranked speaker (2008), on the 6th ranked team twice (2007, 2008), 8th ranked novice (2005), and finished 12th at Nationals (2008). Prior to his arrival at Rutgers, Baia coached the Collegiate High School team in New York and earned his Juris Doctor at American University. He was recently admitted to the New Jersey State Bar Association and became engaged to his long-time girlfriend, also a former APDA debater. RUDU finished 3rd-ranked in the nation during his first year as an Assistant Coach. He is the third Chris B. to participate in RUDU, but a fourth has since joined.

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Past E-Board Descriptions for this page:
Fall 2011

Past Officers of the Rutgers University Debate Union

President: Chris Bergman ’13
Vice President: Bhargavi Sriram ’13
Treasurer: Ashley Novak ’14
Public Relations Chair: Henry Phipps ’14
Novice Mentor: Kurt Falk ’15
Alumni Coordinator: Alex Jubb ’14
Tournament Directors: Adam Bomeisl ’14 & Bhargavi Sriram ’13
Coach: Storey Clayton, Brandeis ’02
Assistant Coach (Fall): Chris Baia, Johns Hopkins ’08

Fall 2011
President: Chris Bergman ’13
Vice President: Nisha Kumar ’13
Treasurer: Ashley Novak ’14
Public Relations Chair: Stephen Yellin ’13
Coach: Storey Clayton, Brandeis ’02

President: David Reiss ’11
Vice President: Farhan Ali ’11
Treasurer: Kyle Bomeisl ’11
Public Relations: Krishna Kavi ’12
Tournament Director: Christopher Bergman ’13
Webmaster: Gordon Morrisette ’13
Coach: Storey Clayton, Brandeis ’02

President: Eric Knecht ’10
Vice President of Operations: Barbara Silber ’10
Treasurer: Brian Canares ’11
Novice Coach: Eisha Chopra ’10
Secretary: Lorraine Belostock ’10
Public Relations: Kyle Bomeisl ’11
Tournament Director: David Reiss ’11
Webmaster: Roy Antoun ’10
Coach: Storey Clayton, Brandeis ’02

President: Eric Knecht ’10
Vice President – Executive: Barbara Silber ’10
Vice President – Finance: Lorenzo Calinawan ’10
Novice Coach: Eisha Chopra ’10
Tournament Director: Akbar Ahsan ’10
Chief Technology Officer: Kyle Bomeisl ’11

President: Sam Zeidman ’08
Executive Vice President: Eisha Chopra ’10
Vice President of Finance: Lorenzo Calinawan ’10
Novice Coach: Simon Burger ’08
Tournament Director: Ed Fu ’08
Chief Technology Officer: Ed Fu ’08

President: Sam Zeidman ’08
VP: Rebekah Lee ’07
VP Finance: Dan Ahn ’07
Varsity Coach: Prashant Iyer ’07
Novice Coach: Carl Kunda ’07
Tournament Director: Ed Fu ’08
PR Officer: Cindy Huang ’08
Chief Technology Officer: Ed Fu ’08

President: Carl Kunda ’07
Executive VP: Dan Ahn ’07
VP Finance: Prashant Iyer ’07
Novice Coach: Ross Mazer ’06
VP Operations: Ryan Gogol ’06
Tournament Director: Rebekah Lee ’07
Community Debate Director: Meredithe McNamara ’07
Chief Technology Officer: William Mon ’06

President: Ross Mazer ’06
Executive VP: Carl Kunda ’07
VP Finance: Dan Ahn ’07
VP External Relations: Zack Matusheski ’06
VP Operations: Rebekah Lee ’07
Chief Technical Officer: William Mon ’06

President: Ross Mazer ’06
Vice President: Dan Ahn ’07
Treasurer: Zack Matusheski ’06
PR Officer: Joy Kwon ’04
Secretary: Ryan Gogol ’06
IT Officer: William Mon ’06

President: Ross Mazer ’06
Vice President: Danielle Cirelli ’06
Treasurer: Carl Kunda ’07
Secretary: Joy Kwon ’04
PR Officer: Zack Matusheski ’06
IT Officer: Marat Denenberg ’03

President: Samuel Kim ’03
Vice President: Peter Choi ’03
Treasurer/PR Officer: Evan Luce ’03
IT Officer: Marat Denenberg ’03
Member at Large: Ross Mazer ’06

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