RU Invitational

Yale Wins 2014 Rutgers Invitational, Zoffer Top Speaker

The official seal of the Rutgers University Debate Union, adopted in 2012.
The official seal of the Rutgers University Debate Union, adopted in 2012.

The Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) held its thirteenth annual Invitational tournament last weekend, the second in three years to be an “unopposed” on the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA) schedule. The tournament treated APDA members to the hospitality of New Brunswick turned winter wonderland as snowstorms arrived on the Thursday prior to the tournament and the Saturday of elimination-round competition.

Sixty-five teams from twenty-six colleges and universities competed. Here are the results:

1. Yale (Zach Bakal & Michael Barton)
2. Brandeis and Brown (Shira Almeleh & Alex Mechanick)
3. Columbia (Joe Eddy & Adele Zhang)
4. Harvard (Josh Zoffer & Shomik Ghosh)
5. Brown (Jean McCabe & Young Seol)
6. Brandeis (David Altman & Russell Leibowitz)
7. George Washington (Jordan Dale & Priyanha Nadanasabesan)
8. Chicago (Leighton Huch & Kyle Painter)
9. Yale (Eric Brooks & Diana Li)
10. William & Mary (Aaron Murphy & Thomas Mattesich)
11. American (David Stauffer & Randi Saunders)
12. Johns Hopkins (David Israel & Juliana Vigorito)

1. Josh Zoffer (Harvard)
2. Jean McCabe (Brown)
3. David Altman (Brandeis)
4 Zach Bakal (Yale)
5 Michael Barton (Yale)
6 Shomik Ghosh (Harvard)
7 Russell Leibowitz (Brandeis)
8 Joe Eddy (Columbia)
9 Aaron Murphy (William & Mary)
10 Eric Brooks (Yale)

1. William & Mary and Columbia (Andrew Kropp-Sullivan & Kunal Shah)
2. Princeton (Nathan Raab & Sarah Battat)
3. Brown (Yidi Wu & Tezzy N.)
4. Yale (Megan Wilson & Zach Young)
5. Columbia (Tanner Terry & Kyle Misquitta)

1. Kyle Grigel (Penn)
2. Anirudh Dasarthy (Princeton)
3. Ariana Israel (NYU)
4. Harry Zhang (Johns Hopkins)
5. Frankie Orrico (American)
6. Kevin Guo (Chicago)
7. Danny Jaffe (Brandeis)
8. Andrew Bowles (George Washington)
9. Nathan Raab (Princeton)
10. Megan Wilson (Yale)

This is the third straight year that Yale, the top-ranked program in the country, has won the Rutgers Invitational. The pairing of Barton and Bakal have entrenched themselves as the second-ranked pairing in APDA, behind Zoffer and Ghosh, while recently crowned World Champion Zoffer extended his lead for top Speaker of the Year (SOTY) by winning the traditional helmet (award for top speaker) at Rutgers.

RUDU remains ranked fifth overall on APDA, just barely ahead of Brown, Bates, and Columbia and not far behind Johns Hopkins. This weekend upcoming will be the second “pro-am” weekend of the season, where all competing teams will be composed of one varsity and one novice.