2015 Eboard

The 2015 Executive Board of the Rutgers University Debate Union

seanSean Leonard is the President of the Debate Union. A senior triple-majoring in political science, economics, and philosophy, Leonard started debating for Rutgers in 2012. He is currently ranked 4th Team of the Year (with teammate R. Quinn Maingi), and 11th Speaker of the Year. With Maingi, he was a finalist at the APDA National Championships. Leonard plays video games semi-professionally.

NH2014Nick Hansen is the Vice President of the Debate Union. A senior majoring in Political Science, Hansen started debating for Rutgers in 2013. He previously served as Public Relations Chair of the Union during 2014. Last year, he broke to varsity outrounds six times, and has done the same twice this year. After college, Hansen hopes to teach high school.

victoriaVictoria Disla is the Treasurer of the Debate Union. A junior in the the School of Arts and Sciences, Disla started debating for Rutgers in 2013. Last year, she was a novice finalist at the William & Mary Invitational. She has also won three novice speaker awards so far this year. She is undecided about her career plans after college.

eliseElise Zhou is the Public Relations Chair of the Debate Union. A sophomore majoring in Political Science, Zhou joined RUDU in 2014. She won a speaker award at American University Pro-Ams, one of the largest tournaments of the year. She is also the only freshman on the E-Board.  Zhou is undecided on her career plans after college.

jessieJessie Gugig is the Novice Mentor of the Debate Union. A junior in the School of Arts and Sciences, she joined RUDU in 2014. She has debated with many different Rutgers partners this year, almost always finishing with a winning record. Gugig is still deciding her path after undergrad.


Kurt Falk is the Alumni Coordinator of the Debate Union. A junior planning to study education, he joined RUDU in 2011. He finished 10th Novice of the Year during the 2011-2012 season, and he has broken several times this semester with multiple partners, including a final round appearance at Vassar College. After this year, Falk will take a year off to join City Year as an Americorps Volunteer.

The 2016 Event Director of the Rutgers University Debate Union


Jamie DiVito is the Tournament Director of the 2016 Rutgers Invitational, to be held on February 5th-6th, 2016. DiVito is a senior double-majoring in Linguistics and Cognitive Science in addition to pursuing a certificate in Digital Film Editing. She joined RUDU in 2012 and since then has been a vital volunteer at our yearly Rutgers Invitational. This is her first time taking a leadership role in the tournament’s administration but in her candidate statement she outlines how she’s ready to “get things done”.

The 2015-2016 Coaching Staff of the Rutgers University Debate Union

Maddex ProfileMatthew Maddex is the Coach of the Debate Union. He comes from Southern California, where he first learned about the world of forensics by being part of the Long Beach Community College team. He was one of the re-founding members who helped to bring the team back after over a decade hiatus. He competed for one year before transferring to California State University, Long Beach. At CSULB, Matthew competed in Individual Events and Parliamentary debate. During his three years there he qualified 10 events for the AFA national individual events tournament, where he placed as a semi-finalist in After Dinner Speaking (in 2004). In parliamentary debate, Matthew and his different partners competed at the National Parliamentary Debate Association national tournament and broke into outrounds multiple times. Plus, during his Junior year he and his partner qualified as the 8th ranked team in the country for the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence (in 2003).

After graduating with a bachelor’s in Political Science and Communication Studies, Matthew went on to be a Forensics Graduate Teaching Assistant at Miami University (Ohio). There he primarily coached individual events and helped with the policy debate team. During his time there they qualified 26 individual events for the NFA national individual events tournament and qualified a team to the National Debate Tournament (for policy).

Upon completion of his Master’s degree, Matthew moved to Baton Rouge, LA and has been pursuing his doctoral degree at Louisiana State University. During his time there he was Director of Debate, overseeing individuals and teams competing in Lincoln-Douglas, parliamentary and IPDEA debate. His LSU debaters qualified 2 in Lincoln-Douglas for the NFA national tournament and had a team break at the NPDA national debate tournament.

The Past Coaching Staff of the Rutgers University Debate Union

SC2014Storey Clayton was the Coach of the Debate Union. A graduate of Brandeis University in 2002, Clayton began coaching at Rutgers in 2009. During his APDA career, he won the North American Championship (2001), was the 2nd ranked speaker (2002), part of the 3rd Team at the National Championships (2001), 3rd ranked novice (1999), and part of the 5th ranked team (2000). Prior to coaching debate, he worked in non-profits in the Bay Area, including the Seneca Center for Children and Families and the Glide Foundation. Since his arrival at Rutgers, the team as a whole has gone from unranked in the prior eight years to 24th in 2010, 5th in 2011, 9th in 2012, and a record-high 3rd in 2013. He left Rutgers in the Spring of 2014.

CB2014Chris Baia was the Assistant Coach of the Debate Union. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University in 2008, Baia started coaching in 2012. During his APDA career, he was President of the league (2008), 2nd ranked speaker (2008), on the 6th ranked team twice (2007, 2008), 8th ranked novice (2005), and finished 12th at Nationals (2008). Prior to his arrival at Rutgers, Baia coached the Collegiate High School team in New York and earned his Juris Doctor at American University. He was recently admitted to the New Jersey State Bar Association. RUDU finished 3rd-ranked in the nation during his first year as an Assistant Coach. He left Rutgers in the Spring of 2014.

Past E-Board Descriptions for this page:
Fall 2011

Past Officers of the Rutgers University Debate Union

President: Sean Leonard ’16
Vice President: Nick Hansen ’16
Treasurer: Victoria Disla ’17/Jamie DeVito ’17
Public Relations Chair: Elise Zhou ’18
Novice Mentor: Jessie Gugig ’17/Larry Feltz ’17
Tournament Director: Jamie DeVito ’17
Coach: Matthew Maddex

President: Quinn Maingi ’15
Vice President: Sean Leonard ’16
Treasurer: Nimit Jindal ’17
Public Relations Chair: Nick Hansen ’16
Novice Mentor: George Alukal ’15
Alumni Coordinator: Suraj Osa ’17
Tournament Director: Russel Potter ’15
Coach: Storey Clayton, Braneis ’02 (Fall) / Matthew Maddex (Spring)

President: Ashley Novak ’14
Vice President: Adam Bomeisl ’14
Treasurer: Quinn Maingi ’15
Public Relations Chair: Rachel Moon ’15
Novice Mentor: Deepta Janardhan ’14
Alumni Coordinator: Gordon Morrisette ’14
Tournament Director: Deepta Janardhan ’14
Coach: Storey Clayton, Brandeis ’02
Assistant Coach (Fall): Chris Baia, Johns Hopkins ’08

President: Chris Bergman ’13
Vice President: Bhargavi Sriram ’13
Treasurer: Ashley Novak ’14
Public Relations Chair: Henry Phipps ’14
Novice Mentor: Kurt Falk ’15
Alumni Coordinator: Alex Jubb ’14
Tournament Directors: Adam Bomeisl ’14 & Bhargavi Sriram ’13
Coach: Storey Clayton, Brandeis ’02
Assistant Coach (Fall): Chris Baia, Johns Hopkins ’08

Fall 2011
President: Chris Bergman ’13
Vice President: Nisha Kumar ’13
Treasurer: Ashley Novak ’14
Public Relations Chair: Stephen Yellin ’13
Coach: Storey Clayton, Brandeis ’02

President: David Reiss ’11
Vice President: Farhan Ali ’11
Treasurer: Kyle Bomeisl ’11
Public Relations: Krishna Kavi ’12
Tournament Director: Christopher Bergman ’13
Webmaster: Gordon Morrisette ’13
Coach: Storey Clayton, Brandeis ’02

President: Eric Knecht ’10
Vice President of Operations: Barbara Silber ’10
Treasurer: Brian Canares ’11
Novice Coach: Eisha Chopra ’10
Secretary: Lorraine Belostock ’10
Public Relations: Kyle Bomeisl ’11
Tournament Director: David Reiss ’11
Webmaster: Roy Antoun ’10
Coach: Storey Clayton, Brandeis ’02

President: Eric Knecht ’10
Vice President – Executive: Barbara Silber ’10
Vice President – Finance: Lorenzo Calinawan ’10
Novice Coach: Eisha Chopra ’10
Tournament Director: Akbar Ahsan ’10
Chief Technology Officer: Kyle Bomeisl ’11

President: Sam Zeidman ’08
Executive Vice President: Eisha Chopra ’10
Vice President of Finance: Lorenzo Calinawan ’10
Novice Coach: Simon Burger ’08
Tournament Director: Ed Fu ’08
Chief Technology Officer: Ed Fu ’08

President: Sam Zeidman ’08
VP: Rebekah Lee ’07
VP Finance: Dan Ahn ’07
Varsity Coach: Prashant Iyer ’07
Novice Coach: Carl Kunda ’07
Tournament Director: Ed Fu ’08
PR Officer: Cindy Huang ’08
Chief Technology Officer: Ed Fu ’08

President: Carl Kunda ’07
Executive VP: Dan Ahn ’07
VP Finance: Prashant Iyer ’07
Novice Coach: Ross Mazer ’06
VP Operations: Ryan Gogol ’06
Tournament Director: Rebekah Lee ’07
Community Debate Director: Meredithe McNamara ’07
Chief Technology Officer: William Mon ’06

President: Ross Mazer ’06
Executive VP: Carl Kunda ’07
VP Finance: Dan Ahn ’07
VP External Relations: Zack Matusheski ’06
VP Operations: Rebekah Lee ’07
Chief Technical Officer: William Mon ’06

President: Ross Mazer ’06
Vice President: Dan Ahn ’07
Treasurer: Zack Matusheski ’06
PR Officer: Joy Kwon ’04
Secretary: Ryan Gogol ’06
IT Officer: William Mon ’06

President: Ross Mazer ’06
Vice President: Danielle Cirelli ’06
Treasurer: Carl Kunda ’07
Secretary: Joy Kwon ’04
PR Officer: Zack Matusheski ’06
IT Officer: Marat Denenberg ’03

President: Samuel Kim ’03
Vice President: Peter Choi ’03
Treasurer/PR Officer: Evan Luce ’03
IT Officer: Marat Denenberg ’03
Member at Large: Ross Mazer ’06