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RUDU Ends The Year With Historic Records

(L-R: Geneva Kropper, Sean Leonard, Pasha Temkin, Jeremy Kritz, Larry Feltz, David Vinarov, Naeem Hossain, Max Albert, Nick Hansen, Adarsh Rangan, Andrea Vacchiano, Matthew Maddex)

As the 2015-16 academic year has come to a close, the Rutgers University Debate Union is happy to announce that at APDA Nationals, hosted by New York University on April 22-24, we set several historic records. Our teams were as follows:

  • Sean Leonard ‘16/Geneva Kropper ‘16
  • Pasha Temkin ‘18/Max Albert ‘19
  • Larry Feltz ‘17/Naeem Hossain ‘18

Sean Leonard was named 19th Varsity Speaker and received the Jeff Williams award (graduating senior with the most top 10 -OTY finishes) and the Chris Porcaro award (graduating senior with the most top speaker finishes), the first time any Rutgers debater has been so distinguished.

Max Albert was named Top Novice and Tenth Varsity Speaker. Pasha Temkin was named Second Novice and Seventeenth Varsity Speaker. Together, they broke (being the first novice/novice team in APDA history to break at Nationals!) into octofinals, placing 11th overall.


The 2015-2016 season has been a historic one for the Rutgers University Debate Union. For the first time in Rutgers history, we had two top 10 TOTY (Team of the Year) teams:

  • Sean Leonard ‘16 and Geneva Kropper ‘16 (6th TOTY)
  • Max Albert ‘19 and Pasha Temkin ‘18 (7th TOTY), the first novice-novice top 10 TOTY team in APDA history

For the first time in Rutgers history, we also had two Top 10 NOTY (Novice of the Year) finishes:

  • Max Albert ‘19 (2nd NOTY)
  • Pasha Temkin ‘18 (3rd NOTY)

For the 6th year in a row, Rutgers remains in top 10 COTY (Club of the Year)–this year, we were named Seventh Club of the Year, above teams like Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania.

Sean Leonard ‘16 finished the year as the most decorated debater in the history of Rutgers Debate:

  • Two Top 10 SOTY (Speaker of the Year) finishes: 7th (2015) and 5th (2016)
  • Two Top 10 TOTY finishes: 4th (2015) and 6th (2016)
  • Nationals finalist (2014)
  • Back-to-back Nationals semifinalist (2014, 2015)
  • The highest individual number of COTY points of any debater (2016)

Sean Leonard ’16 graduated with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy and a minor in Economics. Sean’s presence will be missed, as will be the presences of our other graduating seniors:

  • Nick Hansen ‘16 finished the year tied for Twentieth Team of the Year (with Sean Leonard) – and was named 13th Novice of the Year when he began. Hansen ‘16 graduated with a degree in Political Science and a minor in History and will work in transportation.
  • Geneva Kropper ‘16 was ranked Sixth Team of the Year this year (with Sean Leonard) – a remarkable feat considering that the team began after the Rutgers Invitational at only the beginning of February. Kropper ‘16  graduated with a degree in Government and a minor in History and will be working in D.C.

Good luck to Sean, Nick, and Geneva! We are also excited to announce that Rutgers will be hosting and competing in Nationals next year – this is a huge honor on the APDA Circuit!